Our registered trademark, with a technology that enables fabrics to acquire the capacity to move moisture through the microfibers. The hydrophilic effect on the composite of the fabrics allows the collection and transportation of the moisture to the outside of the tissue. It also provides a soft feel to the compounds and enhances its antistatic properties. All this mechanization ensures extreme comfort for the athletes and boost their performance. This development is present throughout our entire range of sports products.


Procedure dedicated to recycling the plastic deposited at the bottom of the sea, transforming it into polyester yarn. The result is a knitwear manufactured in a sustainable way, complying with all quality standards.

HeiQ Viroblock

A textile treatment designed to add antiviral and antibacterial properties to the products. It is a technology capable of neutralizing virus particles, such as those of SARS-CoV-2.

UV Protection

Allows safe sun exposure, preventing premature skin aging as well as the development of cancer cells. This finish can be applied to any type of mesh and accessories.


A revolutionary innovation designed for technical textiles in the sports area. Since the body temperature is constantly changing, this technology enables the thermoregulation of the athlete's body temperature. In addition to the "Dry" effect, the thermal control gives the sportsperson a confortable sensation.


A finish capable of reducing the transmission of infections. In the antimicrobial fabrics, the development of unpleasant odors is reduced, enhancing a pleasant feeling of freshness, even after use.