Savior Advantages

Quick and dynamic deliveries

Through our own transportation or partnerships with specialized companies, we make fast and efficient deliveries in Portugal and abroad.

Customization of orders

Possibility of developing and/or customizing articles.

Stock Service

We respond immediately to our customers' needs, with a permanent stock guarantee.

Quality Control

We have several types of equipment available, as well as experienced employees in charge of monitoring our products.

Our products

Get to know our range of knitwear and fabrics in detail. Place your order.

Our manufacturing processes


Continuous production of raw knitwear and accessories ready for dyeing and finishing, ensuring a stock able to respond to the customers' needs.10 000 kg/day


Dyeing and finishing service for all types of knitwear and accessories, with a wide range of colors available in stock or determined by the client.10 000 kg/day


We provide Stock Service with the capacity to meet any need, allied to a great dynamism in the processing and distribution of the articles. We guarantee a storage of finished and imported knitwear, as well as raw knitwear and yarns.

Development and Technology

We develop and commercialize knitwear of excellence, with a high adaptability to any order. We offer a wide variety of finishes and technologies, always streamlining our customer experience.